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Your Movement Solutions

We invite you to experience a different approach
to movement and fitness over 50!

A very specific process of
posture, exercise and
lifestyle changes.

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Are you living with balance issues, joint pain, or lack of strength or stamina?

Our programs help to:

- restore balance
- relieve chronic tightness and pain
- improve strength and stamina

All by using proven, simple and safe techniques

This is Fitness Your Way, and we call it:

               Your Movement Solutions!

"I have seen a substantial improvement in my posture as a result of increased flexibility in my hips and shoulders. Most importantly, I am now much less fearful of an attack of debilitating lower back pain occurring during ordinary activities such as playing ball with my dogs or simply bending to retrieve something from the floor." - John

“I no longer fear that pain could ruin my day because I am now in control. My new skills help me to prevent the debilitating state of muscle spasms. Thanks for all you do!” -Sharon

“I had Achilles tendon, shoulder and knee issues. Now I have incredible improvement in my overall fitness including balance, and I no longer require a knee brace when walking or golfing. I am more fit and stronger than I have been in years, feeling energized, enthused, safe and confident in the knowledge and professionalism of my training sessions!” -Carl

- severe neck pain
- back pain
- poor balance
- pain free
- improved balance
- overall able to                 function better

- stiff shoulders
-bursitis hip pain
- pain free
- better joint       

- Knee pain
- Shoulder pain
- pain free
 - improved joint                alignment
 - increased mobility

"I Feel Excellent! I haven't said that word in a very long time!"

Find out what Sharon did to alleviate her back pain!

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Tips to Maintain Wellness During This Strange Time

  Fitness is so important after 50, especially now when we’ve all been spending more time at home. But it’s also helpful to remember the other elements of wellness, too. Here’s the breakdown provided by the International Council on Active Aging:
Physical – Exercise and nutrition.
Emotional – “coping with challenges and behaving in trustworthy and respectful ways.”
Intellectual/Cognitive – “engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities.”
Professional/Vocational – using your “skills while providing personal satisfaction,” including as mentors, volunteers and more in retirement.
Social – “interactions with family, friends, neighbors and chosen peer groups.”
Spiritual – “living with a meaning and purpose in life, guided by personal values.”
Environmental – practicing habits that promote a healthy environment; understanding how different environments affect you.
Some Simple Tips
1. Move More / Sit Less. Play fun music and dance… walk around during commercials… work in your garden.
2. Volunteer online or over the phone.
3. Express yourself. Write in a journal, paint, play music or sing. Talk about your feelings.
4. Limit time with news and social media.
5. Meditate or pray each day.
6. Keep a clean, orderly home.
7. Read books and discuss them.
8. Research for your next trip or plan something exciting for the future.
We’ll get through this! Join our online workouts, and reach out to us any time. We’re here for you now and in the future.

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Balance Webinar featuring guest speaker
Dr. Evan Osar

Do you suffer from balance issues? Discover the Integrative Movement System's approach and how it can help you regain control of your balance today!

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Balance Programming

Join us through this interactive balance programming specifically designed to help you gain strength in your core system responsible for overall balance.

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Our assessments take into consideration your full health history, current posture and movement habits, range of motion and restriction assessments, muscle inhibition, and left to right comparisons.

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